Just A Moment...With K.C. Mead-Brewer & Brooke KolcowT.L. States | January 21, 2022

We're on the brink of the inaugural Words & Sports Football Issue, so what better time to check in with our co-editors, Brooke Kolcow and K.C. Mead-Brewer? I asked them a few questions over Twitter, and this is what they had to say about the experience of putting together the issue, what writing they have coming out that we need to be on the lookout for, and what their plans are right now, after the life-altering experience of editing an issue of Words & Sports!


Words & Sports is still a new mag, but it doesn't take long to attract a lot of submissions. Were you surprised by the quality of the writing you read?

K.C.: Delighted and impressed but not surprised.

Brooke: When we were making our final decisions, Kate (K.C.) said something about how none of the submissions felt like a waste of time to read, even if they weren't all right for us. I was relieved the slush pile was so enjoyable to read through.


Based on your experience editing this issue, do you feel like the state of literary sports writing is in good shape?

K.C.: I feel like I need to be doing a hell of a lot more sports reading from now on. The variety, humor, insight, and earnestness that arrived for this issue just blew me away. If I ever thought sports writing wasn't for me, reading for this issue definitely changed my tune.

Brooke: I think literary sports writing is totally in good shape, and I feel like I'll be doing more of it.


Do you have any pieces on the way that we can look out for?

K.C.: A story I'm particularly pleased with that involves children transforming into lice will be showcased in the Alternating Current Press anthology, And if that mockingbird don't sing: Parenting Stories Gone Speculative, available for pre-order right now! (Special thank you to Hannah Grieco for editing.)

Brooke: I have something coming out in Rejection Letters soon.


You've just edited the first-ever Words & Sports Football issue. What are you going to do next?

K.C.: Still not watching any football, but definitely scouring the author websites of every contributor in the issue -- it was a joy spending time with their work and I can't wait to read more.

Brooke: What am I going to do next? I'm going to Disney World (take a nap).