Vol. 1, No. 1: The First Pitch photo

Self-Portrait as the 1991 Detroit PistonsJon Lemay

In the ‘89 and ‘90 seasons, the Detroit Pistons practiced an aggressively physical
style of play that led them to two consecutive NBA championship titles. Although this
approach took the once-failing franchise to new heights, it also imbued the Pistons
with a menacing reputation, making them the most hated team in the league and
earning them the nickname “the Bad Boys.”

But what else would I do? Return to living
a life in which no one depends on me?
We all only wake up every morning because someone
told us yesterday needs a sequel. If I don’t
love someone, I will try to ruin them, and when I'm done,
they’ll say they don’t recognize themselves—
except they do: they just hate what they see.
I swirl in your chest like a cyclone of flies descending
and ascending in a haze of streetlight. Have I done
all I can to keep soul and body together? I only want
everyone else to remind you of me,
but no one could ever really remind you of me.
How wonderful to realize that after so long—
after knowing me so well—you could still be mine.