Vol. 2, No. 2: We Don’t Care Who Wins photo

3 basketball poemsLucas Restivo

Breaking: Deuce Tatum Attacks Defensive Player Of The Year


Is It True You Love Like Diving On A Loose Ball?

The reporter opens the press conference

by asking

Did you feel it?


Marcus Smart smirks, says

He’s always trying

to attack me.


The room laughs.


We have a love/hate relationship.


I laugh.


Is it true love

is like that?


Sometimes when I'm alone

I hold a press conference

for myself.


I ask the hard hitting questions

that come before words.


And sometimes

the room laughs too




I’ve been thinking lately

(first mistake)

in evolutionary terms

about everything.


I've come to the conclusion

that we’re a little

fucked up.


I stopped shampooing

because cavemen.


I started eating meat again

because it feels



Apparently Lebron James

spends a million bucks a year

on his body alone.


One day you’ll be amazed

what I accomplished

with so little



Lay Up

This shit is easy


Just pick a word


then another


until you want to stop


The illusion is


of course


the stopping