Vol. 2, No. 2: We Don’t Care Who Wins photo

The Big StretchAdrian Dallas Frandle

In every memory of them I have, Dad leaves 

the game early during the 7th Inning Stretch.


I’ve spoken with several friends with similar

experiences of fathers packing up and departing


then. I imagine (and in a way it was) a coliseum

chock full of dads, gathering all at once


kids and belongings, scaling concrete stadium stairs

past the thousand orange plastic seats. Rush of parents, 


hallways bottlenecking and bathroom lines endless

with various pairs of fathers and their kids


exiting. The parking lots were also bad, but not as bad

as the end of the game, Dad said. Some never made it


even as long as the 7th. But, from what I learned

from him, their situation would be no different. I hope


they, too, together listened rapt to those last few innings.

The radio fading out, then in, wavelike. Static


traffic finally lulling the son’s swaying head to rest

on his dark window. The figure next to him


limned golden in high beams. The ride home

would feel to him so fast, like blinking.