Vol. 2, No. 4: Malice at the Ice Palace photo

3 PoemsMike Andrelczyk


I am watching the Los Angeles Kings hockey team play hockey against the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team but the players all look like Martin Scorsese’s eyebrows. I have been drinking champagne and changing the time on all the clocks to different times and I don’t know what the actual right time is anymore. It’s overtime.


Joel Embiid

“Death” is synonymous with “sky” in more than 3,050 languages


Try to relax your shoulders

Drink the last of the water

Try to drown

Out the half dozen people speaking at 150 x speed

It should be easy

As easy as

Walking through the glass window

Wanting to start over as the wind chimes ring tropically

I am imagining rebounding thousands of basketballs

And passing them to thousands of invisible teammates

I am voted MVP / hoisted up etc.

But I turn it down

I become a monk of my own religion

I float up to my heaven


Swish (All Net)

last second full-court heave

as a final act of life

swishing it

forcing life into overtime

getting blown out in ot