Vol. 2, No. 4: Malice at the Ice Palace photo

Winning Changes EverythingKate Beall

a cento, after the commentary of Rich Waltz and Aaron Taylor 

(Commander-in-Chief Trophy games, Air Force–Navy and Air Force–Army, 2022)


Early sledding. The straw

that stirs this drink. Tough

sledding. The shortest distance


between two points is a head 

start. That’s



that’s a heavy 

piece. Now he’s

a big load 

of laundry.


That’s a heavy piece. Yes

it is


in more ways than one.


If you live 

by penetration 

you die by 




help me out with the math here

make the plays

there’s a whole lotta eights and sixes in there,


around with their

hair on fire. Winning


changes everything. A good

bloodline. He’s the straw. 

A heavy piece.