Vol. 2, No. 3: The Goal Line Extends Through Infinity photo

Footballs GaloreDebasish Mishra

I am a football for Fate

who knows how to kick my back

That damned soul is never late

when there's a chance to attack


Sometimes it is my darling wife

who pushes me with a header

whenever there's a trivial strife

and I fall off the top of the ladder


My son dribbles with dexterity

and I can't but have to comply

I am a prey to his agility

I run or else I would die


I am a football in my office too

My boss shoots a penalty

and usually makes me go through

long hours without any royalty


But I have no qualms about it

It's life and everyone faces this

You get a mix of sweet and shit

a plate with a punch and a dulcet kiss


The earth is a huge football of course

which spins and moves with revelry

with the kick of an unseen force

guided by a supreme referee


And everyone here has to face

the kick and roll and forceful head

in every country every place

either for love or for bread