Vol. 2, No. 3: The Goal Line Extends Through Infinity photo

Hypnosis on Friday Night in the SouthRobyn Schelenz

In the field,

Horses pull quarterbacks

Narrating empty land

That remains stone.

Plows pulled by quarterbacks

Also do not work.


Farmer, go back to your almanac.

Quarterback, stay patient for the snap.

I go to bed a tight end

Wake up an offensive lineman.

The play clock never expires

We'll wait to see who will flinch first.


The 20 and 50 yard line

Are all the same to me.

White and green.

Do you think the first hike was inspired

By dandelions at a stream?


Pigs pass by,

Mourning their neighbors.

Mascots climb over the fence.

The flood lights come on.

I wake up from a dream I wasn't even in.