Vol. 2, No. 3: The Goal Line Extends Through Infinity photo

RivalryNicole Hylton

first day of practice

and she is there.


against a pane of glass:



through a forest:


she skates like forgetting,

like you

could ever.

she shoots to remind you.

her goal

is the instant

all the water

inside the kernel


and turns itself inside-out.

you make the team and she

crushes you into the boards:

a captain’s welcome.

you let

her gale-force winds

push and punish your sails:

the captain takes no survivors.


it is a kind of love

that demands

everything of you.

it is a love

like skating suicides

back and

forth and back and

forth across the

frozen ocean


she is the other side

of yourself.

she is your

greatest rival.

she, like this game,

is your greatest love.