Vol. 2, No. 3: The Goal Line Extends Through Infinity photo

The Suburbs Are a Relatively New InventionKimberly Ann Southwick

if you think about it or have ever travelled anywhere but here

& I think we forget that. I’m not saying capitalism isn’t better


than feudalism or absolute monarchy, but that it’s all the same

beast this time dressed in granny’s pajamas & my, your teeth


look so sharp. I’m saying, don’t come at me for my bloodsport.

The college where I teach, its mascot is named for a fighting chicken


& no one even blinks. Isn’t that what college football is,

I say to no one, especially not myself. I used to argue


if you had a problem with Vick,

then you had a problem with the American Justice System.


I don’t argue that anymore. I also don’t have to.

Let’s instead discuss Jalen Hurts & his supposed “Accuracy Issues—”


those were air-quotes. Just look at his arms. Or don’t.  Leave them

for me alone to look at. My house here sits far from the road.


My Mom calls where I live a “rural area,” but it’s not. I just have room.


I scream, & the neighbors can’t hear me, GET HIM! GET HIM! at the TV,

and then my not yet three-year-old daughter screams, GET HIM! GET HIM GET HIM GET HIM.


Then, RUN.